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The Global African Village
                                        The Global African Village

The Global African Village Problem:

In Uganda, as in much of Africa, women own about 40% of businesses with registered premises but only receive about 9% of commercial credit. Women entrepreneurs are woefully under-served, even though often women are a better credit risk than men as they do not spend their money on drink.

Differences in land tenure rights between men and women have historically left women disadvantaged, with less access to credit and markets. According to customary law in patrimonial communities, a widow will only inherit her husband’s property if there are no male heirs.

Our Well Aligned Guidelines:

  • The most likely projects to be funded will be rapid, sustainable, small scale, low budget interventions for the most pressing needs identified by the communities.
  • Often proposals will be evaluated as to how they will contribute to wider, integrated sustainable development of the geographical area.
  • The proposal should clearly describe the number of women involved in project design and implementation, and as beneficiaries.
  • Any projects that are part of larger or longer term plans must indicate other (preferably secured) funding sources to ensure continuity and sustainability.
  • Projects which are developmental, promote self reliance, and are ultimately locally sustainable have a higher chance of being funded. One’s estimate of when the project could be self sustaining should be indicated in one’s proposal.
  • There must be a sense of community “ownership” of the projects (including both local residents and displaced persons affected).
  • A good project should be replicate. That means it should be possible to implement the same project in other communities.
  • The hidden resources of your target group usually include skills and wisdom, and surprisingly many material resources, both capital and supplies. One’s objective as a mobilizer and trainer should be to stimulate a process of uncovering hidden resources among the beneficiaries and encourage a social process of reducing dependencies and increasing self reliance.

Combine the HUG with the Micro Credit available from LIVING WATER MICROFINANCE TRUST, a non-profit corporation and you have a winning combination. Farmers can borrow small sums of money for seed and land rental on a short term basis. They will have access to new fresh water and a low cost micro irrigation systems for their farms. Add fertilizer to the formula and you have three season/year of farming.

African children and women farmers


Let us look at the human side of  Low Interest Micro Finance :

“I got a loan from a MicroFinance company and planted mango grafts. It was difficult in the beginning because there was no income from the trees [during the first five years], and still I had to work very hard. I had to water and care for the trees and also work as a daily laborer whenever work was available. But when the mangoes began to bear, I had income every year. I could repay my loan easily. Then I was able to dig a well, and now I have water year round. Now that I have water I can run my own farm.

God has much to do; He is very busy running the universe. He does not need to take care of my farm anymore. Now I do that myself.”


Tom’s life transformed by micro-loan in Uganda

LIVING WATER MICROFINANCE TRUST in Uganda provides comprehensive management, leadership and business training to our groups so they become capable to manage their own business affairs including the operation of an internal revolving loan fund. 

The current lending rate to poor people is 34% per YEAR by standard micro-credit lenders in Jinja Uganda.   But because its members are poor with no collateral, the standard lending rate for them was still the same 34% as any new group getting their first loan.  If they had collateral such as land or a car, they could receive a 24%/YEAR rate loan. Many borrowers had been receiving standard micro-credit loans for over 10 years, and they were still as poor as the day they started their loans, still living on less than $1 per day.

That’s terrible: it’s usurious.

LIVING WATER MICROFINANCE  TRUST has their micro-credit rates in the 8.5%/YEAR range of interest, not including the inflation factor.   Once more farmers become involved in the world of microfinance an additional 5% interest as an option for a “free” health plan, which includes medication and midwife service available through the locally trained health worker.  More productivity will more than cover the extra important medical expense.

African Leaders
African Leaders


We are supported with Charitable Funds.

Please follow the link:  http://www.gofundme.com/AfriCause

African Women Farmers

African Women Farmers

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Africa cropland density4

 Very Low Interest Micro Loans to Women Farmers in Africa

Living Water MicroFinance Trust is a non-profit company operating in Africa — working  to initiate a fund-raising project to begin providing micro loans for women farmers.

Your donation continues to fund new loans more than nine times: every dollar donated is like donating $4.00 with the support of Government and Non-Government grants . This $4.00 is magnified by nine times because microloans are renewed every four months after a harvest: a $36 value: your $15 donation is now worth $180/year — every year. What a Bargain!

We are creating a future where women rural farmers can lift themselves out of poverty by themselves. We don’t believe in handouts.

We reduce our lending risks: no other member of a group of five women farmers may borrow until the last borrower has established a regular repayment record: each help each other to pay the Micro Loan. We assign a counselor to this woman’s group with ongoing, personalized training.

The current lending rate to poor people is 34% per year by standard micro-credit lenders in much of Africa. Our rate of interest is the lowest possible in order to pay our counselors): 8½%/year not including inflation.
I. Any Donations will be directed eventually to MicroFinance in the country of your choice: we will direct your donations to support the first selected country, but ultimately your dollars will be earmarked for the country of your choice. This chosen country begins with a management team of three directors.
II. You may also select one of the following gifts in $15 increments ($180/year):
1. A Series of 10 God’s Loveletters: there are over 40 from which to choose.
2. Personalized Laminated God’s Loveletters (in a frame to be laminated): 400 to choose
3. Personalized First Names & their Meaning (in a frame to be laminated): 1,700 to choose
4. Personalized Funny Cartoons (in a frame to be laminated): 500 to choose
These all make Wonderful Gifts to be sent over the Internet!
A small gift will count just as much as a large one toward our goal of 1,000 gifts x $15 increments:

EVENTUAL AMAZING FREE GIFT with a small donation:  http://www.gofundme.com/AfriCause

Our Charity Strategy:

1. Sunnyup.net has created                                                                                          

700 Personalized Photo Cartoons:   

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400 Personalized God’s Loveletters:

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1,700 Personalized FIRST NAMES with MEANING:


2.  These Personalized Gifts are NOT for sale. They are REWARDS given to A DONOR for DONATIONS to LIVING WATER MICROFINANCE Inc.,  a non-profit company, that support African women farmer and their family for seed and fertilizer. This DONATION is paid back at the end of the harvest. This same DONATION works nine times because 92% pay their loans.

  3.  The DONATIONS are partitioned as follows:


Any Donations will be directed eventually to MicroFinance in the country of your choice:



INNOVATION COMES TO AFRICA We believe that innovation in water distribution, irrigation and damless hydro projects are the solution.

CONGO RIVER HYDRO & IRRIGATION POTENTIAL The World Energy Council says electricity is a bridge to sustainable development and a prerequisite and cornerstone for economic progress, social development, harnessing technological progress and environmental sustainability.

AFRICAN MIDDLE CLASS A country cannot grow with only a rich class and a poor class! It is acknowledged that many living on US$2 to US$4 a day could easily slip back into poverty.

ALLEVIATING ENERGY POVERTY The poorest fifth of the world pays one-fifth of the world’s lighting bill – but receive only 0.1% of the lighting benefits

We are All Winners! The Women Farmers are the biggest winners because they are working on free rented land and are supported by micro finance.







WATER TRANSFER & IRRIGATION: Mountain Water Transfer: the Secret to Longer Life

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Agroforestry could help solve Climate Change.


New Trees are the only solution to soaking up Carbon Dioxide:

Tree Growth

A Full Scale Aquaponic Tree Nursery in Africa supported by:

  1. A Micro Hydro Electric System: no dams: HugENERGY.us
  2. An Irrigation System: NORTHydro.com
  3. A Rabbit and Fish Farm: AfriCAPITALISM.us
  4. An Agroforestry Intercrop System: LivingWaterIs.com
  5. The Charitable Arm: SunnyUp.net
  6. God’s Loveletters:  Godloveletters.com