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Our mission is to be the best in the world in micro hydro electric and water resource management: by evolving innovative damless hydroelectric and water transfer technology. We create Today’s Tall Tree Nurseries to support Micro Finance for women farmers and their families using the Carbon Tax Fund, a new form of foreign aid. We export Mechanization into Africa for more productive agriculture. These activities can help avoid Global Stagnation.

Global Stagnation

The global economy is entering an era of protracted stagnation, similar to what Japan has experienced for over a decade. That is the message from The Age of Stagnation: Why Perpetual Growth is Unattainable and the Global Economy is in Peril by Satyajit Das.

Untitled-2The author challenges the assumption that growth can be perpetual and questions the ability of political leaders to enact the tough structural changes needed. He is particularly critical of the “easy money” approach to dealing with the great recession of 2008, citing the dangers of excessive debt and deep-seated fundamental imbalances. The fallout of these poor policies, he argues, will affect not only the business sector, but also the lifestyles and prosperity of average citizens and future generations.

Much of the growth of earnings in recent years is a result of cost cutting rather than growing revenues. Companies have embarked on massive stock buybacks to buoy earnings and improve their stocks’ performance, which Das does not consider tangible growth. Just the illusion of growth has pushed valuations well above their intrinsic worth. The stock market crashes of last summer and early 2016, though dismissed as necessary corrections, may be an early indication of a stock market which is losing the support of quantitative easing and low interest rates.

A new BBC report based on recent research suggests the water situation is even worse, that half of the human race is now experiencing water shortages. Continue reading A PROTRACTED GLOBAL STAGNATION? 2