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Our mission is to be the best in the world in micro hydro electric and water resource management: by evolving innovative damless hydroelectric and water transfer technology. We create Today’s Tall Tree Nurseries to support Micro Finance for women farmers and their families using the Carbon Tax Fund, a new form of foreign aid. We export Mechanization for more productive African Farming.

African Farming

Big problems arising from increased crop production in African farming include tremendous erosion and the depletion of natural vegetation. Marginal land is particularly vulnerable. The results are all too evident: perennial streams are now ephemeral, and massive quantities of topsoil silt up dams and flow into the oceans. The region is doomed to more frequent famines that will be the consequence of diminishing cropland, grazing and water resources.


A total of 340 million ha of woody vegetation in dryland zones of Africa have become degraded through human activities like; overgrazing, agricultural expansion, overexploitation, and deforestation. Both of Africa’s staple crops, maize and sorghum, are expected to be badly hit by increasing severity of weather. Demand from growing populations may double food prices.Local Nursery

The absence of investments in African farming means that farms remain small; the added value of agricultural processing is negligible or absent. With the number of water-scarce countries set to rise over the next ten years, more needs to be done.

Africans need to turn their mind to boosting economic growth, which has ground to a pace slower than population growth. Without greater opportunities, the frustrations of the young and uneducated will only worsen.

Investments in small-scale hydroelectric technologies and irrigation could yield a direct net benefit of up to $200 billion to Africa’s 100 million farmers.

The Energy policy of 2003 of Tanzania show that 1% of population in rural Tanzania has access to electricity. The rest approximately 98% use firewood which also implies alarming rate of environmental destruction.

All It Takes Is 3

The United Nations uses three key variables as average measure of human development in any country:

  • a decent standard of living (food);
  • a long and healthy life (health); and
  • being knowledgeable (knowledge).

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

  • Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime…
  • But why does the man have no fish?
  • Not just through charitable funds, but we engender a genuine partnership with the oppressed.
  • We develop Leadership Skills.
  • Carbon Tax Funds will make a difference not just for the life of one person, but to an entire global community.

What should a community do with its unused land?

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