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Our mission is to be the best in the world in micro hydro electric and water resource management: by evolving innovative damless hydroelectric and water transfer technology. We create Today’s Tall Tree Nurseries to support Micro Finance for women farmers and their families using the Carbon Tax Fund, a new form of foreign aid. We export Mechanization into Africa for more productive agriculture. We do all this to absorb Carbon Emissions.

A NEW PARADIGMParadigm Shift Mechanization Concept Africa

It is the time for a new look at the Carbon Tax Dilemma. A paradigm shift is required:  from one of collecting carbon sin tax, which is recycled into investment for economic growth to a focus on sustainable global warming solutions. 

The rate of change in the world around us is increasing. The human mental system is failing to comprehend the modern world.  Our brain seems to understand only a small portion of the world: the portion that most affects our capacity to survive and reproduce. Our nervous system seems only to be impressed with small dramatic changes.

 Politicians being elected and rewarded on the basis of short-term decisions that are by many measures intellectually, morally, and financially corrupt, and the so-called knowledge workers–the scientists, engineers, and others who should be “blowing the whistle,” are so specialized that there is a real lack of integrative knowledge to see the Big Picture.

“We face a true planetary emergency.
The climate crisis is not a political issue; it is a moral and 
spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest 
opportunity to lift Global Consciousness to a higher level.” 
                                                                                                     – Al Gore

The ‘climate crisis’ has already morphed from an environmental problem into a ‘moral and spiritual’ issue. The whole doctrine of sustainability and global warming has been designed to engender a sense of collective guilt, and the only solution to the perceived crisis is for humanity to develop a collective conscience.

 “Climate change makes us all global citizens; we are truly all in this together.” A crisis often has the advantage of uniting people. Climate change is the first problem on a global scale that we have faced as a species. We must hope that it has the positive side effect of stimulating our global consciousness. No country, no region, no people will escape the negative effects of the impending worldwide increase in temperature. We must all cooperate in mitigating it if we are to succeed.


Back in Norway, Statoil also operates two projects to store carbon dioxide under water, in some of the most advanced examples of a technology seen as key to removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere: carbon capture and storage (CCS). This is costly and still in its infancy, and governments have supported it only erratically. In 2015 a mere 28 million tonnes of CO2 was stored that way. To help meet the 2ºC limit, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says the world needs to store a whopping 4 billion tonnes a year by 2040.


The much vaunted Stern Report called for a 25% reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. Given the fact that the world population is expected to increase by a third which means the 9 billion people would have to generate 25% less than 6 billion, or a per capita reduction of 50%. This would devastate the global economy and make the Great Depression look like a picnic. Continue reading GLOBAL CARBON EMISSIONS 2